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Residential Window Films

Energy Savings

Window insulation film starts working as soon as applied, it reflects up to 92% of heat and controls home temperature. Window film allows to cut energy costs year after year and make the home atmosphere more comfortable and inviting. In summer, solar window film can reject heat up to 80% of total solar energy and reduce air conditioning expenses, by providing greater temperature balance and control. And in winter, this solar window film will retain internal heat and lower energy consumption, and as a result, heating costs. Installing this window film will improve the overall household energy efficiency and comfort. The positive difference will be experienced immediately, as with the installation of the window films, it will be possible to live and work without the need to cover the windows to block the excessive solar heat and glare.

UV and Fading Protection

Unfiltered sunlight can cause furniture fading and degradation of other commodities when it penetrates through window glass. It can also be harmful to eyes and skin and may accelerate skin’s normal aging process, contributing to wrinkles and skin cancer. Every day the UV rays enter home in the form of sunlight. The latter can cause fading of fabrics, furniture, carpet, wood and other materials. Window film is often recommended by dermatologists for individuals with sun sensitivity as a preventive measure against skin cancer.
Long term UV exposure can be harmful to expensive property that will require a considerable amount of money for its replacement or repair. Window films act as protective layer for skin and furniture. The right UV window film will filter the light entering home by rejecting up to 99% of harmful UV rays and reducing the amount of visible light coming inside.

Residential Safety

Safety and security window films prevent forced entry since windows and doors are the most vulnerable places in offices and residential areas. As the most targeted parts, windows are easily broken and accessible by criminals. When a window has an installed security film, the window glass stays in place when a break-in is attempted. Family and property safety is extremely important, therefore the installation of window films can reduce the chances of forced entry and add an extra safety level. Alarms and security systems may not be fully effective in protecting the area against an experienced and determined intruder. Window film has maximum resistance to high impact blows and serves as an impassable barrier, even when it is hit with heavy equipment. Therefore installing a window film is an effective measure against break-ins and other accidents.


Window films give your home the needed privacy and unique look, without the additional structural changes and window glass replacements. With window films, it is possible to customize the window glass design or choose from the existing ones that meet the owner’s needs. These films offer the opportunity of customizing the window designs that match the home interior. They add style, elegance and privacy, by blocking neighborhood view from outside and contributing to the bathroom privacy.


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