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Commercial Window Films

Reduced Energy Costs and Increased Efficiency

Commercial solar window films can lower energy bills and save money every month of the year. In summer solar films keep indoor temperature pleasantly cool by rejecting heat up to 80% of total solar energy and in winter they retain heat through the insulating glass. Solar films can increase the value of a property by reducing its energy consumption, hence expenditures. Many building operators experience difficulties in solving problems with temperature imbalance in sunny and shaded areas of a building. Solar films easily minimize that imbalance issue and improve thermal comfort.
Window tinting greatly reduces air conditioning costs by blocking out a considerable portion of sunlight, including infrared radiation and potentially harmful UV rays. These films keep the indoor temperature down even at the hottest time of the day. In summer businesses have high operating expenses due to escalated air conditioning costs resulted by the heat passing through the uncovered glass window.
In winters, however, the heat escapes through the windows and causes increased heating costs. Installation of the solar films can reduce property operating expenses in every season, by blocking heat in summer and preventing heat loss in winter. An effective window film can block heat up to 75% of solar energy and reduce annual energy consumption by 15%. This will result in a comparable reduction of annual utility costs

Improved comfort and Glare Protection

Reflective window films block the sunlight entering through the uncovered window, by reflecting the glare, reducing heat gain and making details clearly visible on screens and other reflective surfaces. Glare reduction films have a shiny exterior surface that reflect sunlight during the day and artificial light at night. These films reflect the sun rays away from window frames of a building and filter out the light that can be unpleasant. In business offices, it may become hard for employees to concentrate on their work when light reflections fall on computer screens and presentation boards. Installing anti-glare film will eliminate the reflection problem, reduce annoying glares, minimize eye strain and make the workplace more comfortable for the business personnel, hence increase their productivity. Window films used in commercial property help to maintain an open and bright area without excessive sun shades or other blocking equipment.


Security films can give additional safety for commercial buildings that may be exposed to vandalism and break-ins. They act as a measure to protect buildings from criminal entries and explosive blasts, by adding an additional challenge and time for criminals attempting to intrude the restricted area of the business. These films will make the building a hardly accessible target, as they hold the glass in place and make it a lot harder to smash it and enter the property.
Installation of security films will greatly reduce the risk of glass injuries of office personnel and customers since the flying broken glass pieces can result in serious injuries or death and major property damage. Also, these films can protect the building from wind and rain even in the most extreme weather conditions and natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquake strikes. By planning ahead of time, it is also possible to protect the building from terrorism and bomb blasts, since the safety window films limit the damage of flying sharp glass pieces and can save lives during such attacks.

Enhanced Appearance

With a splash of color or a crisp mirrored finish, commercial window films can give an extra elegance to any building exterior, storefront or restaurant, regardless of the architectural design. The wide variety of window coloring and patterned treatments of these window films can create any facade for different types of buildings. For facilities like fitness centers, car dealerships or tech-related businesses there are sleek, metallic-looking window films that can complete the exterior design of buildings. For more subtle places like churches or daycare centers, window films can provide a softer look, allowing the light to shine through, yet maintaining the needed privacy. With these films, older buildings can have modern facades and overall contemporary appearance. Commercial window films drastically change a building’s appearance by making it more aesthetically attractive and unique. There is a complete selection of films available in different shades, finishes, and hues that enhance the existing glass by complementing the original architectural building design, which has always been of high importance for attracting and retaining clients. They also provide optimal clarity and reflectivity of the incoming light.


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